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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Casting Call for a Short Feature Film

Character Description:

Cosette Cruz:
She is a 16-year old freshman studying at a private school in the urban area. She is also a member of the school soccer team. She aside from sports, she trained herself to become a pseudo-homemaker, cooking dishes, washing clothes, and doing anything that is required by her father and younger brother. She had become the mother figure for the family, after her mother passed away. She is a bubbly girl, and always finds ways to keep herself and the people around her happy.

Bernardo Cruz:
Bernardo Cruz is Cosette's father. He is 42 years old, and due to an accident years ago, he was blinded. He is physically weak, as he always needs a helping hand with normal, day-to-day practices such as preparing coffee and getting things. He is also emotionally fragile, after the death of his wife. Bernardo is close to his daughter most especially because he sees her wife in her, the soccer player he fell in love with during his own college days. He is very supportive of her choices in life.

Allan Alimagno:
Allan is Cosette's soccer coach. He is the typical coach that one would see on TV: he is 35 years old, always wear dry fit sports clothing and a hat, and has a toned body. He makes his team work very hard, pushing them to the limit as much as possible. He plays favoritism among his team players, and in turn ignores Cosette. He believes that although her skill in the sport landed her a spot within the team, she is not at par with the other star players. He has a very short patience and is fickle-minded.

We are also looking for people who are willing to volunteer and be a part of the production: actor extras, set designers, production assistants, musicians, make-up artists, etc. 

If interested submit resume or a contact us
09156917085/ gayletagle@ yahoo.com (Gayle Tagle)
09062955770/ janicecutanda@ gmail.com (Janice Cutanda)
09064206184/ ana_bonits@ yahoo.com (Ana Buenviaje)

Please Pass!:)

Deadline for Casting call is on June 28, 2010

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