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Thursday, June 17, 2010

What Happens During Casting?

So what happens after the queue?

If its your first time at a casting call, relax, its fairly easy. Your time at the dentist is far worse.

When the Caster finally calls your name:

1. Your Name-Puhunan mo. They will ask you to stand in front of the camera with a clapper/ID (To identify you when they finally edit the casting tape). They will ask you to state your name, age and other info which could be your vital stats, last TVC project, skills, agency etc.

2. Your Profile The caster will ask you to turn sideways to get a profile shot of you and you will then be ask to face the camera and smile. The purpose of the profile shot is to see if you look pleasant on cam; To see your best side. The camera can definitely change the way someone looks on screen. There are some talents who are surprisingly prettier on cam than in person. After the profile shots are out of the way. They may ask you to act out certain scenarios based on their casting brief.

3. Be Ready to Act. So let loose, this is not a good time to be shy. This is the part where you make it or break it.

The casting director may ask you to say lines from their script and under their direction, they will motivate you to get the scene right. They may even let you try to act it out in different ways. Same lines but with different emotions, inflections and tone. This is just to test your acting range.
They will most likely choose your best bit from the lot.

They may ask you to sing or dance (which would have been stated in the casting call sent to your agent) So be prepared with your music CD and belt out a tune or dance away.

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking you to drink from a glass and pretend how refreshed you feel after drinking this so and so product. From there, they will gauge you based on your facial expressions. 

They may ask you to say 'Masarap' or Yummy if its a food product. They may even ask you to look directly ino the camera and talk- convince people to try said product. So be creative if you want to adlib. Always listen to the caster's directions. Some casters bite, so don't piss them off and don't waste their time (hwag kang mag inarte na you can't do this habang nagro-roll ang tape), don't be so sloooow in trying to get a feel of what they want, show them your quick to catch on (listo ka, smart ka, bibo ka), know which is your camera left and camera right- these simple things. Because if you can't follow simple directions and you're difficult to handle, they easily get it that the TVC director will have a hard time with you on set. And every minute in the production set is gold. Parang metro ng taxi yan, may schedule pag grind and the producer can't afford setbacks if she/he wants to stay on budget.

Anyways, GOODLUCK! There's always room for everyone and there's a great variety of roles to fill. Your face may actually represent something- an idea, a character, a philosophy, an agenda that suits a brand. 

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