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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Cost of Being a Talent

Being an on-camera talent or a model can be lucrative. But this is a highly competitive industry, so you may not always get that gig that can support you till your next booking.

So rule number #1 Never Leave your Day Job. Make adjustments, file proper absent or vacation leaves from work. Make sure you keep a monthly salary going.

#2 Have a Fall back. A business you can earn from while you go through all these castings.

#3 Learn to Save. It helps to have money in the bank. Minsan antagal makuha ang TF. If the gig is not "Pay After" you have to wait a week to a few months until a check is released for you. Always follow-up with your Agent why this is happening and when will you receive the TF?  

Kung aasa ka sa casting or bookings as your main source of income, you will easily burn yourself out and get frustrated. You have to be realistic about your expectations and learn to save whatever you earn from your bookings and gigs.

So Moms, please don't burn out your kids by making them your sole breadwinners in the family ;) That's too much responsibility at an early age. Bata pa lang, kayod kabayo na, kawawa naman. The child has to have his heart in this, kusa sa kanya at gusto talaga niya maging artista :)

If you snag a Lead Role, you have enough money to sustain you for 6 months at least. But if you keep getting cast as a "backgrounder" or an extra, you have to work harder to keep yourself financially afloat.

So balik tayu sa Cost: How much do I have to shell out as a talent to get my career going?

Umpisa pa lang, keep tabs of your expenses. Things you will regularly spend for are: pamasahe, text/load, clothes, makeovers, setcards (if you are freelance), print-outs & photocopies, etc.


  1. possible po bang makapasok ang mga begginer as in wala pong experience??

    1. oo naman basta may guts at lakas ng loob higit sa lahat may mukha you know wat i mean

  2. I had an agent in Cebu but now that I moved to Manila, I have to start anew. Any recommendations for a 17-year old, part German girl?