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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Talent Fee Talk: How Much are Models and Talents in TV Commercials in the Philippines Paid?

Is there a standard Talent Fee for TVC Talents?

*Please note these are ballpark figures

The payments vary per project and the budget alloted by the Producer. A Producer doing a TVC for a global brand may offer above average rates particularly if its a regional TVC. Such rates for lead actors may reach the P100,000 mark plus taxes minus Talent Agent fees.

Celebrity endorsers can go from P250,000 and into the millions. Yes, with tax. But don't pull a classic Regine V. and not declare your tax :P

Lead Talents on average do not go below P50,000 unless their agent doesn't have the balls to fight for them or just desperate for a gig (any gig, that is). Supporting cast members for the commercial may range from P20,000-P50,000. This is not set in stone. It could be the supporting talent has a special skill (singing, dancing, breathing fire, doing contortions, etc.) Or maybe required to deliver dialogue compared to just appearing for a few seconds saying nothing. Yes, "dialogues" do up the TF fees a bit.

Every talent (with a substantial role) hired to appear in a TV advert has a right to a talent fee. It is not always the case for Extras/Backgrounders. Extras are duly paid for their day's work (in a "pay after" set-up). If you are an on-set extra and the budget set for each extra is P1,500 make sure your talent agent (or the talent himself)should receive the talent fee right after the shoot. Unless you were notified otherwise that payments will be given at a later date. (Pero naman po-postdated check pa ba ang P1000-P1,500 na TF? Maawa naman kayo sa talent) Isdatyu Mother!? :p

There are also hand, foot, "fitness body parts" talents who are hired for their six-pack abs. Or special models to be painted on in the nude or tattoo-ed for a shot. These are often done on a special arrangement, their talent fees negotiated up to a specific rate prior to the shoot because the prep work takes far longer than the time they are going to be shot.

Talents are often paid in terms of "per shooting days" or "per project". If "per project" the amount stated in your contract is what you're going to get. If its a "per shooting day" - expect the shoot to go on till morning, they are going to maximize that 24 hours so they won't have to pay you another day :P If it rains mid-shoot or if they hit a production snag (location problems, main star diva problems, client micro-managing every shot, director meltdowns) then you're lucky, they have no choice but to bring you back for another day.

Experiences vary, casters have their own "diskarte", producers will always haggle. Now if your TF is delayed ayayayay that's another issue :P

Anyways, don't take my word for it, if you want to know the real deal about how much models and TV talents make in the Philippines then dip your toes into the industry. Yup, feed the giant who doesn't hug you back.


  1. As for a novice? Ano tf ang minimum?
    Hehehe. Thanks.

  2. Incidental Extra - P300-P500 - Hinugot ka lang sa crowd para patayuin sa "frame ng shot" for some reason. You were not called to be an extra that day, nagkataon lang andun ka sa shoot at willing ka maging extra.

    Professional Extra - P1,000 -P1,500-P2,000 - Talent fees vary sa project from indie film to TVC to studio film

    Professional Extra with lines - P3,000-P5,000 (Depende sa project at sino ka-eksena mo haha)

    Actor for a scene/s - Indies P3,500 per day, P5,000-P8k-P10k-P15k TVCs 1 shooting day

    Again, disclaimer, TFs vary per project and producer.

    Umarte na kasi at alamin! Experience the TF firsthand :)