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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Long Line at Casting Calls

Going to castings and trying to break into commercials is not all glam, but surprisingly grunt work.

Assuming you have an agent and they ask you to show up at a casting. The first thing you'll be subjected to is the Queue. Ang mahabang pila sa casting ay mahaba pa sa pila ng MRT Ayala at 6pm. This is the dreaded long line you have to sit through with other people far beautiful, extra talented or simply taller than you. Breathe lang. Because at casting its not always about looks, there is always room for the equally talented with average looks.

Pag may tiyaga, may nilaga. You will have to wait in line sometimes all day to get your VTR done. The VTR only takes  a few minutes, so give it your best talaga. Leave a good impression and follow their directions. Be interesting. But NOT over the top UNLESS the casting director asks you to act that way.

My VTR took far longer than most. If the caster wants you to act your ass off! doing scenes, throwing lines, smiling like crazy in front of the cam. Lucky you, it means sulit pagpila mo. You got some extra attention than most. But even that, won't guarantee you anything. It all boils down to if you fit the role and  if you embody their brand - if your face, overall look and persona - can get the client to like you. 

The client is tops. They have the final say in everything. But not without the influence or recommendation of the casting director or TVC director itself. These key people can influence a client's decision to consider you. Kaya if you are around their presence or within earshot, please behave well. Maging magalang po tayu. Meaning don't throw a fit, don't pull some diva attitude, don't say nasty remarks about other people or talents. Remember such impressions last forever. 


  1. Hi, do you have any sites that i could check out for companies that offer vtr's?

  2. I started doing VTRs when I was 9. It is like going through a needle hole. LITERALLY! I've been on so many final casting calls but never had any tv commercial. It IS disappointing. My worst experience was when I was on 4th yr high school, I went to a final casting and they need 10 couples. There were 12 girls and 12 boys and I was quite confident that Ill be chosen since only 2 will be out. I did my best though but the director keeps on commenting that she cant see my face because of my hair.. Unfortunately, I was not on the final cast and sadly I am one of the 2 girls not chosen! And I never went to any audition after that:))

    1. Hi, you know what, if it is really your passion, never ever ever quit! I will tell you now, you can do it! Lift your spirit and let your light shine! Don't quit, not even if they have 5 auditionees and they only need 4, and the person who's out ends up being you, it's okay! that's totally fine, because that is another thing charged to your experience :) smile! and feel very very free.. you can do it.. you will always can! Have faith in yourself :)

    2. Sometimes its not about your looks or your acting chops, you also need to have a lot karma and good luck thrown in. If you weren't chosen, its not really your fault, sometimes a client or director wants something specific in mind. You don't need to be a superstar to make the cut, you need to be super patient, super kapal ng mukha and super manhid to withstand everything thrown at you.

  3. hello there, i email-ed ms.princess gavino. i hope she can reply soon. i just sent the message now. thanks! hope she can reply.