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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Casting for Indie Film

An indie feature film project is casting for the following roles:

All roles require Moreno, dark-skinned look or Filipino-Malay features.


ONLY Moreno/Morena or dark-skinned Actors/Actress will be accommodated during the auditions


Emil | 13-15 years old; with DOLE permit; Can ACT very well and do dramatic scenes. Expressive eyes. Moreno.

Mayen role | 18-22 year-old actress who can pass off as a teenager (looks younger). Physically, the role calls for someone who looks like a waif, flat-chested/small bustline or has a ballerina's physique. Has acting skills, morena or a really darked-skinned Filipina.

Kuya Lito | 18-23 year-old actor. Well-built, matipuno, moreno. Strong presence; can act conflicted and struggle with internal demons.

Kuya Kenji | 22-27 year-old actor. Well-built, matipuno, moreno. Good physique; expressive eyes, can express a range of emotions without any dialogue.

Luanne | 18-23 year-old actress. Atribida, mataray, very confident; morena or a really darked-skinned Filipina. Can do daring and sexy scenes;

We would like to invite you to our casting call this Thursday. No need to bring setcards.

The Casting Call is 1-5pm ONLY AUGUST 25, 2011 (Thursday)

4th Floor Teresa of Avila Bldg. Conference Room
#28 Acacia St. Barangay Mariana
New Manila, Quezon City

How to get to TITUS MEDIA CENTER: Please refer to the map below


E.Rodriguez Avenue Route:

(from EspaƱa, Manila)

>E.Rodriguez - Right to New York St. - Right to Lantana St. - Left to Rosario Drive - Right to Acacia st. (see map below)

Landmarks: Immaculate Conception Church (Lantana), Boston Gallery (going to Rosario Drive)

Aurora Boulevard Route:

(from Cubao to Manila-Legarda side)

>Aurora Blvd./Cubao - Betty Go Belmonte St. (Valley Road) - Rosario Drive - Acacia St.

Landmarks: X'tian Academy School, Caltex & Landbank (Betty Go), Teresa of Avila Bldg. (corner Rosario & Acacia)

*Take Stop & Shop, Divisoria jeepney

Note: Tricycle stations are found both in Lantana and Betty Go Belmonte Sts.

Hope to see you there and please spread the word.

Thank you very much.

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  1. I want to be part of an indie film please help me to have a role.. Thank You