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Friday, October 21, 2011

Casting Call for Plus Sized Models: Big Girl Models Wanted

While we are still on the Holidays, we are also gearing up for the Resort 2012. We are now opening applications for Erzullie Icon.

Interested? Check out the requirements below!

We need plus size women who can:

1. Wear shorts, bathing suits, tubes and go sleeveless with confidence and class

2. Do High Fashion poses and cooperate in a professional photo/commercial shoot environment as well as possible runway or media heavy events
3. Represent and embody the brand's cause --- plus size empowerment through self-love
4. Be polite, humble, relate-able and hard working
5. Naturally explain the brand, has tried the brand and promotes the brand constantly and naturally even before you applied
6. Can work for exchange deals only

7. Can devote time and effort to all Erzullie Projects when necessary
8. Can and constantly use social sites.


Erzullie--- Fierce Curves!
Berna Cuevas and Aries De Guzman
Owners and Designers

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