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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Casting Talents for Videos

Hi, I'm a freelance Producer and we're doing short, 30-seconder videos depicting Filipino culture and pride. No lines, the acting is purely gestures and expressions. We are looking for the following talents:

1) Nanay/Tindera. 40- 55 years old, not too fair-skinned, the friendly owner of a sari-sari store, has a nice smile

2) Perky Girl. 17- 25 years old, happy, bubbly young girl, has a nice smile

3) Friendly Kuya, 30- 40 years old; friendly Kuya in the neighborhood, knows how to ride a bike; he's the kind of guy who can make people laugh and smile

4) Lolo/ Retired Colonel; 65- 80 years old; he's is the grouchy neighbor but actually has a nice smile; looks as if he used to be in the Navy/Army sana; look strict but is actually very friendly

5) 20- 30 years old girl, slightly athletic, Filipina beauty (like the other talents, doesn't have to be super kayumanggi or very Pinoy looking, pero not Tisay, not Tsinita.) can act well

Please send your picture and CV (indicate acting experiences) to alinarco@gmail.com

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon :)


  1. pwede ba kahit walang acting experiences? thanks

  2. Are you still in search?

  3. Hi, thank you sa nagupload ng announcement, at thank you din sa mga nag-apply. We already have a complete cast for this project. FYI.