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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Casting Call for Film Philippines

Ten (8-10) days of filming including rehearsal starting early January. Full feature film credits and P15,000-P25,000 acting fee (negotiable) depending on role and experience.

Submit Entries to http://bit.ly/MClSru

Accepting video audition uploads for ten lead roles in new feature film. First round finalist selected by peer and production team vote (Facebook 'likes').

First round casting ends September 15. Did you know we are now accepting video audition uploads for lead roles in the upcoming romantic comedy English feature film provisionally titled “Before I Forget” scheduled to be filmed here in Cebu Philippines in January 2013 for worldwide release late 2013?
These are fully paid positions. Previous experience working as a film or television is a plus. In addition you will receive, film credit, and potential travel to Asian film festivals as a lead.
This is a Philippine “nationwide” casting call but all ethnicities accepted. If you are not living in the Philippines you may have to pay for your own costs to travel to the film location, unless we really like your performance.
From the Producers of "StoryTourAsia" and writer of “The Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman: AKA Bob Dylan (A Lie)” (Australia) and the writer of “My Paranormal Romance” (Philippines) comes an online open casting call for ten (10) lead roles and a number of supporting extras for the upcoming Australia-Philippine feature film co-production of the rom com provisionally titled “Before I Forget".
Finalist in the Philippines, not living in Cebu, will be provided travel to and accommodation in Cebu, during filming. Shooting should last 10 days including rehearsal and will take place in Cebu over the summer.

Hopefuls will be able to upload their videos and receive Facebook 'likes' beginning today through to September 15. Finalist for the first round will be selected according to their popularity with audience. Votes from five judges from our production team are worth 10 likes. Executive votes are worth 30 likes.

This casting call is open to actors with or without representation by a talent agent or manager.

To submit an audition video for consideration, perform the one-liner for the role your auditioning for.

Important: Videos must be no longer than 30 second. Videos more than 30 second will be deleted.

The following roles are being cast:

Role # 1: MATILDA (age 45-50) is a neglected housewife with one child. She is also a clinical psychologist. Unhappy in her marriage and with a desire to discover she stills has 'it' (is attractive to the opposite sex), she agrees to attend a professional dating event. In a moment of unbridled passion fueled by alcohol she unexpectedly indulges in an intimate encounter with the Ed a self-absorbed alpha male womaniser. ONE-LINER: 'The only ambition I ever had is to be a good housewife in a good marriage.'

Role # 2: ED (age 35-45) is "Mr Magnificent", tall, cocky and confident. This character likes girls. At forty one, with a child on the way, he wants one last sexual fling before he ties the knot. He encounter an ex-Jasmin at the event, a girl he once cheated on, and tries to rekindle their sexual relationship. Ed rejects true intimacy with women who are caring and offer emotional intimacy and is hell bent on making the superficially attractive Rara his latest trophy. ONE-LINER: “There’s one born every minute, and they are fair game”.

Role # 3: LAUREN (age 27) is afraid to love despite presenting herself as a liberal idealist. She is humane, full of compassion and empathy, strong and determined, with a social conscience. She shows a lot of interest with a man, however runs away very quickly. She has never really gone “all the way” with a guy. She is very emotionally guarded and lives in a fairy-tale world without realizing how a real relationship should feel like. Paul's intelligence captivates her despite his cynical nature. ONE-LINER: “I believe in marrying for love only, and to a man with moral values as high as my own”.

Role # 4: PAUL (age 35-40) the organiser of the singles mingles meetup hates his boss and hates his job as a family lawyer. He is depressed, cynical and doesn’t suffer fools too gladly. After breaking up with his long term domineering girlfriend her becomes disillusioned with the reality of relationships, of women trying to control him. He is conflict avoidant . He becomes drawn to Lauren who has a positive personality. ONE-LINER: “There are many psychopaths in this world and most of them are my clients”

Role # 5: JASMINE is (age 26-30) a waifish single-mum. After a string of abusive relationships, passive, naive and insecure Jasmin is ready to love again but she has the bad luck to encounter her ex-Ed, a self absorbed cad, at the same dating event. Ed seduces her and Jasmin falls for his charms again, repeating her pattern for going for ‘bad boy’ types who she mistakenly believes wants change.She fails to see that Leo, who takes an interest in her, is the better man but takes him for granted. ONE-LINER: “I am sick of having my heart broken constantly”

Role # 6: LEO (age 30-40) puts women on pedestals. He is short, pudgy, needy, a doormat and thinks with his fist. On the plus side he is selfless, loyal, generous, and kind, ever content to give more than he takes. With the help of his doting mother, he is coming to terms with the recent breakup of his long term girlfriend. He and Jasmin share common bad luck with love. They are both comfortable in accepting the role of victims. ONE-LINE: “I just want to hear her voice again Ma”

Role # 7: ROSLYN (age 40-50) bitter divorcee is a scheming, overbearing gossip, who suffers from mental health issues, unable to control her emotions, and longs for stability above all else. Alcoholic, divorced with kids, Rose is stuck in a child-like emotional state. She struggles to love men, quickly going from idealizing them to devaluing them. She has an intense fear of abandonment, and wants to find a soul mate who will rescue her from her emotional pain. ONE-LINE: “All men are like my ex-husband - 'creeps', 'pigs' and 'jerks'”

Role # 8: RUPERT (age 30-40) is a socially challenged man who has never had a girlfriend before. His autistic tendencies, inability to read body language and the subtleties of human social interaction, and his general oddball eccentricities interferes with his ability for real intimacy with the opposite ‘species’, even though he longs for some form of romantic attachment. What’s more he imagines himself to be extremely attractive to the ladies and takes an obsession towards Lauren because of her sympathetic nature and her ability to feel 'emotion'. He consequently competes with Paul for her affection. ONE-LINER: “I shaved my nuts for this event”

Role # 9: RARA (age 35-45) is a social climber, her beauty and clever wit allows her to charm all the men around her but is despised by women. She is Jasmin's bestie. She functions as a style maven. She enjoys male company more than female but the thought of “settling down” or “finding the right man” is ludicrous to her unless he is rich. She wants Hu because he is an affable, rich, malleable and has the potential to elevate her social status. ONE-LINER. "I am young, broke, and fabulous, what more can a rich man want?"

Role # 10: HU “Who” is a (age 25-35) shy JD Salinger type loner, a shut-in/shut-off, recluse, who secretly craves social interaction but lacks the courage to be intimate with strangers. He is encouraged to seek social contact. He is under the disillusion that nice guys finish last, Reinforced from growing up in a conservative Asian family, he suffers from a complete lack of confidence around girls, fears failure and rejection, and drinks to overcome his shyness. ONE-LINER: "I do not understand why people persist with negative self destructive beliefs and behaviors”


Popularity by voting audience - Facebook 'likes'. Mental - Being “in the moment” and being “truthful”. Do not just read the lines. Creativity - Take risks. “Own” your characters, dress how the character would dress. If successful, this is the dress you will be wearing in the film! You can ‘adjust’ the lines but be aware videos must be less than 30 second. Physical - Bring out real physical presence and expressiveness in your performance. It's not only your face, voice but your whole body that is your instrument. Following instructions - Do not disregard instructions on video length of 30 second and casting schedule.


First-round auditions: July 15 - September 15.

Act out the one-liner for the role you are auditioning on video and upload it here on this Facebook event. Upload your videos no longer than 30 second in length. Videos DO NOT have to be slick, and highly-edited promotional masterpieces. In fact, we would much rather see a straightforward, un-edited performance that shows your personality and talent, even if it’s just you performing right in your living room or backyard.

The top 100 finalists will move to the second round. Second-round auditions: October 1 - October 15.

Elimination round. Act out a one paragraph monologue for the role you are auditioning on video and upload it here on this Facebook event. The monologue will be issued to you at a later date. 20 finalist will be selected to compete in the final round of the competition. The remaining 20 will be invited to will be used to select the top 20 finalists, all of whom will be invited to travel to Cebu for 1 hour face-face auditions.

Third-round auditions: November. We will meet with you face-face in Cebu. Travel costs from any other city within the Philippines will be reimbursed by us, and you will be remunerated for your time. We work in groups and there will be others performing with you to test your ability to work in a team. We'll spend about one-hour together.

Final cast will be announced by late November.

Note: In the event that NO suitable actor/actress is found or the producers are not satisfied with the performance of finalists. The producers reserve the right to vary, modify or cancel any part of the the contest.

Visit http://www.facebook.com/beforeIforgetromcom


  1. can i also join as crew if ever i don't pass the audition...i've been a crew in an indie film just this year and i was once a student director in a theatre group at our school.im hoping for ur response..i've already submittd a video actually..i want to join this project and i just want u to know that i hav the passion...

  2. Can we submit for the three roles?