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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Casting Call for an AVP for a Car Company

Casting for an AVP for a car company with the following roles on Monday (September 1, 2014, 2pm - 5pm).
1. Young couple with kids (Upper middle class)
- Male, late 20s to early 30s (must know how to drive)
- Baby boy/girl, 1 yr. old 
- Boy/girl, 4 yrs. old

2. Young professional/student (Upper middle class) 
- Male, mid 20s (must know how to drive)

3. Young executive 
- Male, mid 20s (must know how to drive) 

4. Big Family (Upper middle class) 
- Dad, early 40s (must know how to drive) 
- Mom, early 40s
- Grandparents, 60s
- Brother, 18yrs. old college student 
- Sister, 16 yrs. old, HS student 
- Litte brother, 10 yrs. old 

5. Young female, single or married 
- Early 20s (must know how to drive) 

6. Mountain climber 
- Male, early to mid 30s (must know how to drive) 

7. Newly married couple
- Mid to late 20s (must know how to drive)

Email pictures/set cards to redantsmediainc2@gmail.com or text 0915-4516159 for casting venue and other details.

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