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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fit for Fashion Casting Philippines

Fit for Fashion, the hottest reality show on TV is back for a BRAND NEW season and we want YOU to take part! We are looking for ordinary people who wish to embark on a life-changing journey to transform into confident, stylish and extraordinary human beings, with a dream body to match. Are you ready to face your biggest fears, change your life forever, and have the chance to win an incredible $100,000? All applications must be submitted by 31 May 2015.

Online Auditions here - http://fitforfashion.tv/audition/

Some tips to make sure you make the best possible impression on your video:
  • If you film the video on your phone, get a friend to do it for you. ‘Selfie’ videos can look too close up. We want to see you in a medium shot (head, shoulders and body) or a full length shot (head to toe)
  •  Make sure you pick somewhere quiet and with good lighting to do this – we want to hear and see you clearly
  •  Plan what you are going to say and practice it a few times. Use the prompts below to help you. Remember, you can do as many takes as you like – just submit the best one!
  •   Make the video no more than 2 minutes long.
  • Remember we want to see the best of your personality – so smile, have lots of energy and show us your fun side.

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