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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Auditions for Cinemaone Film

WHAT: OPEN ACTING AUDITIONS for "My Paranormal Romance"
WHEN: JUNE 24 - 26, 2011, 9AM to 6PM
WHERE: EMMA Center, Cebu Normal University, Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

more details here:

an Indie Cebuano feature film. a Hillarious coming of age paranormal comedy. It's about a girl who has a broken heart who gains a thrid eye, and a villain who has a third, and some guy who becomes a third wheel.

We are casting for the following:
  • Merry, female, ages 18-25, college co-ed type.
  • Lucas, male, ages 20 -29, athlete type.
  • Colcol, male, ages 20-29, short/scrawny, street bum type.
  • Clara, female, ages 18-30, fashionista type.
  • Keith, male, ages 18-30, shy guy type.
  • DB, male, ages 18-30, dependable man about the house.
  • Sol, male, ages 18-30, nerd/professional type.
  • Bruce, male, 30s, body builder/bouncer type
  • Nyor Diego, male, 30s, gentleman-type
  • Nyora Julia, female, 30s, lady of standing-type
  • Jing, female, tweens to teens, sporty-type
  • Angel E., female, 20s to 30s, Beauty queen type
  • Mama E., female, 40s to 50s, matron type

If you feel that you are suited to play any one of these characters, please come see us on June 24 - 26 2011!

look for : BEVERLY (09209707907) or JIJI (09173082257)

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