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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebrate the FILIPINAYs in your life!

Not a CASTING CALL, just go to their Facebook page to know more about their social advocacy.

Celebrate the FILIPINAYs in your life!

Being a FILIPINAY means making the right choices about your own life and
reproductive health matters. Have you made those choices? Celebrate
the women who have made these choices by nominating a woman as one of
the next faces of the FILIPINAY! The nominee can be you, a family
member, or a friend. Just answer the following two questions:

(1) What makes the nominee (you or another woman) a FILIPINAY?

(2) Which FILIPINAY best represents the nominee?

Send your response to dianne.suegay@summitmedia.com.ph, along with your
full name, your contact details (including email address and phone number),
the contact details of the nominee (if the nominee is other than yourself),
and a full body and close-up photograph of the nominee.

The nine different FILIPINAYs who are selected will be featured
in the pages of any of the four participating magazines from Summit Media.

Want to know more? Simply call (02) 397-5013 or text (0922) 899-3348.

Like the Filipinay page on Facebook.


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