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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Casting Call for Sci-Fi Film

Short Science Fiction film set to shoot Dec. 4th- Dec 11th 2012 in Manila, Philippines. We are now casting the following roles:

Arric - Male - 28-35 years old - physically fit
Terra - Female - 7-13 years old
Subject 1 - Male - 20-33 years old - Thin and tall
Coroner - Male 45 - 70 - years old 

I have am a Canadian film maker looking to cast roles for my new upcoming Sci-Fi short. It's going to be shot this Dec.4th - Dec. 11th 2012 in Metro Manila. 
I'm looking for some eccentric and adventurous actors out there that want to craft their trade.
Synopsis - A single father must free his daughter from an underground human trafficking ring, in a dystopian future. 

Please email applications to abby.k.prasad@gmail.com *You MUST include an audition tape that exemplifies your acting abilities.

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