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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Talents for Cable Channel Music Video

Hi, we’re looking for the following talents for a gap ident (short 30s videos) for a cable channel. This is a music video type of video, so dialogue is not needed. These are the characters we need to fill in.

TRT of each video: 30- 45s
Channel: Fox Filipino Channel

1st version:  “First Love”
1.     MALE, mid-20s, goodl-ooking yuppie:
2.     FEMALE, early 20s: kikay, petite, fun-loving, looks like a fashion assistant enjoying her job in a magazine

2nd version is about a big family Christmas reunion, rich family, “REUNION”
3.     Lolo and Lola—60s- 70s, these are the proud grandparents to successful kids. Lola is a cooking extraordinaire.
4.     Mommy-- 35- 45 yrs old, loving mom
5.     Daddy--  35—45 yrs old, athletic, fun-loving dad; he got his cooking skills from his mom.
6.     Male, 16 yrs. old “Kuya”, the eldest in the family, funny, kaya magpatawa
7.     12 yrs old, pretty girl, Daddy’s little girl
8.     Auntie-- 40- 50s, fun, wacky aunt
9.     Uncle—40s-50s, the serious type, a successful businessman, who loves his wife’s endearing ways

3rd version: “CHRISTMAS PRESENT”
We need two female kids, bibo, has acting experience. Unlike the characters above, they don’t look too rich; more of lower middle class.
1.     11 -12 years old girl, the “ate”
2.     5- 6 years old girl, “bunso”

Target shooting date for REUNION AND CHRISTMAS PRESENT:
Oct. 7/Sunday, TBA (within Metro MNL only)

Target shooting date for FIRST LOVE:
Oct 9/10, weekday, in Makati City

Interested? Do you know anyone who loves acting? Please send your name, contact number and pictures to alinarco@gmail.com.

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